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Shine Dance Fitness
Shine Dance Fitness
Shine Dance Fitness

Certified SDF Instructor

Kristi Kaplan

Kristi was born and raised in Canton, Michigan and is the mother of three wonderful children, two of whom are now grown up. She is part of a very close family in which music and dance have always played a significant role. From attending hundreds of concerts with her parents, to family karaoke parties, watching her mother teach step aerobics, and dancing the night away with her sisters, music and dancing have always been a source of fun and community in Kristi’s life.

In the wake of the pandemic, Kristi found herself in a new city with her soon-to-be husband, Michael, and raising her school-aged daughter, Bella. She set a goal to get more active and to find something that had always eluded her – a fitness routine that would stick. Also, she was missing the dance floor. Well, for Christmas that year, Michael found an exercise class called SHiNE Dance Fitness, and it became one of the best gifts Kristi ever received. After just one class, she knew she had found something special.

Within a year, Kristi was certified and leading classes herself. A natural fitness instructor, Kristi loves to bring the joy, energy, and fitness of dance to her classes and the women of SHiNE. The physical and emotional rewards of SHiNE Dance Fitness along with the relationships and friendships that have formed within her tribe, have reinforced that Kristi has indeed found her calling and the perfect way to manifest her love for music into a positive influence on her world.

Kristi lives in Ann Arbor with her husband, Michael, daughter, Bella and step-son, Cam. When she’s not in the studio getting her dance on, Kristi enjoys spending time with family, Michigan football tailgates, and being active with her church.

Instructor Kristi

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Kristi Kaplan

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